Switzerland (CH: Confoederatio Helvetica)

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps.

Its cities contain medieval quarters, with landmarks like capital Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower and Lucerne’s wooden chapel bridge.

The country is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Banking and finance are key industries, and Swiss watches and chocolate are world-renowned.


Basel: Host of IAPCO's 50th AM & GA in 2019

Basel is an inspiration.

Located at the Swiss-German-French border, the city is known for its many internationally renowned museums, ranging from the Kunstmuseum, which was the first collection of art accessible to the public in Europe (1661), as well as the largest museum of art in the whole of Switzerland, including the Foundation Beyeler located in Riehen.

The University of Basel, founded in 1460, Switzerland's oldest University and the city's centuries long commitment to humanism, have made Basel a safe haven during times of political unrest in other parts of Europe to the likes of Erasmus of Rotterdam, the Holbein family, and more recently also to Hermann Hesse and Karl Jaspers.

The modern infrastructure and enterprising city of open-minded citizens, who excel in business and arts, makes Basel to one of the most important trade fair and congress cities in Europe.

Basel’s central location and excellent transport system making the place a splendid candidate to hold the IAPCO 2019 conference.